1 Michael’s Mall Winthrop, MA 02152  | (617) 539-4405  | info@bostontkdfitness.com

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1 Michael’s Mall Winthrop, MA 02152  | (617) 539-4405  | info@bostontkdfitness.com

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In-Person Guidelines

We are very pleased to announce that beginning next week we will be offering martial arts classes in our facility two (2) days per week!

This will be in addition to our current park and zoom classes. Depending on the weather, we will try our best to schedule Mondays and Wednesdays indoors (we will be zooming these classes from the school as well), Tuesdays and Thursdays outdoors, and Friday and Saturday zoom. On Sunday evenings (after watching the weather forecast), we will email and facebook have a link to sign up for classes for the week. You will have the option to make changes if you need to.

IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU SIGN UP ONLINE BEFORE ATTENDING CLASS ACCORDING TO THE MASSACHUSETTS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH!!! Students who are not pre-registered will not be permitted to enter class (no exceptions).

Please be aware that these classes will be restricted to twelve (12) students per class, and will run on both floors in order to maintain distance in accordance with the guidance from the state of Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Below is the guidance provided regarding face-masks from the department of health:

Face Coverings:

  1. “Participants may remove face coverings while participating in practice and drills, provided they are able to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from all other persons present.”
  2. “Face coverings should otherwise be worn by coaches, volunteers, other staff, officials, youth chaperones, and spectators in accordance with MA guidelines to prevent against the transmission of COVID-19 throughout the duration of the activity.”

There will be no close contact with other students or staff members. We will have one bathroom open upstairs, allowing one person at a time to utilize it. Please have your child use the bathroom at home before their class to maintain the safest environment. Of course, if they need to use the facilities, it is open to them.

We will continuously clean all common area surfaces, and take each student’s temperature with a no contact digital thermometer as they enter. If they have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, we will ask you to take them home. If they are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, please keep them home.

We will have a 15 minute gap between all classes; please keep your children outdoors before their class time until all the children have been dismissed from the prior class. Parents are not allowed to enter the school, please drop off only, and arrive 5 minutes before class ends for pick up.
We are very excited to be back in our school, and always look forward to seeing here at the school, in your homes, or at the park!

Check the link below for the detailed guidance provided by the State of Massachusetts as of June 9th (most current):