At Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy, students of our Youth Program are taught the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do. New apprentices are separated from our high ranking students to maintain and encourage a non-intimidating environment.

youth-sideBuilding Self-Esteem

Our minds are very good at picking up the things we don’t do well. At Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy we strive to counteract that powerful awareness of “I’m doing this wrong” by implementing a teaching style that will boost confidence and self-worth. We monitor progress closely and walk with students every step of the way. It is our goal to improve our students quality of life and help them become the best they can be.


By teaching highly effective self-defense skills at Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy, students build confidence and self-discipline while maintaining a respect for others. Students learn proper form and technique taught by our staff while also discovering the mechanics behind each move. Students are encouraged to work together helping build off these techniques and creating friendships in the process.