The Teens Krav Maga program at Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy teaches age appropriate self-defense in real world situations. Students learn how to defend against chokes and attacks while incorporating useful knowledge of striking, kickboxing and grappling. The Teen Krav Maga program is designed to show our students the signs of dangerous situations and how to defuse them before becoming involved in a physical altercation.


tenn-kravBeing a teen is never easy and in the modern day of the Internet, bullies and teasing are closer to home more than ever before. Our Teen Krav Maga program helps build students confidence and self-esteem with a constant positive attitude offered by our expert martial arts staff. Supplying students with knowledge of self-defense increases their awareness to spot and avoid dangerous situations which will increase their self-reliance, discipline and pride in knowing violence is not always the best answer.

Teamwork and Safety

Students at Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy work together to achieve their goals. Sparring will help increase their skills which allows them to build friendships while understanding the mechanics needed to defend themselves in real-life dangerous situations. Our Teen Krav Maga program is taught in a safe manner, training on state of the art Zebra mats in order to eliminate the potential of bodily injuries. Our classes are highly supervised and our environment is clean and sanitary to ensure maximum safety.