Programs available at Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy

At Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy, we pledge to make each student’s journey as fun as possible while maintaining a safe and positive atmosphere. We work in conjunction with parents and guardians to succeed in accomplishing you and children’s goals in making them the best they can be at home, in school, and in the community.

We recognize outstanding effort in academics by inviting your kids to share “victories” in class. Black belt attitude, class attendance, and parent/teacher feedback are all factors considered in regard to belt promotions. In addition, all of us at Boston TKD work as a team within the community every year to make a difference!

  • Build confidence
  • Sharpen motor skills
  • Focus with your body
  • Learn respect for others
  • Develop muscle memory
  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Value nutrition and Fight obesity
  • Strategize overcoming peer pressure
  • Discover non-violent solutions to bullying